The Dungeoning

Alpha 0.6

An independent 2D Dark Souls


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The Dungeoning is a roguelike 2D game in which you have to head into a series of randomly-created dungeons and try to pass as many levels as you can before you inevitably die.

You will start the game armed with a shield, a sword and a bow. And you will have to use them well. Enemies can kill your hero with just two or three blows, and even a bush (yes, a bush) can be fatal.

In addition, as you advance through the dungeons, not only will you face more difficult enemies, but you will also face increasingly more difficult traps. One wrong jump and your character will die, and you will have to start the adventure over from the beginning.

During your epic mission, you will find new weapons and objects that can help you on your quest. These include rings and potions that will give you a little boost when you need it the most. In addition, as you kill more enemies you gain more experience, with which you can improve your hero's attributes.

The Dungeoning is a 2D platform, role-playing and action game whose main reference (both in terms of the esthetics and gameplay) is Dark Souls. In addition, its pixelated graphics are absolutely enchanting.
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